THS offers highly scalable and defensible managed review solutions to law firm clients. We provide expertise in the following areas:


This entails identification and coding of documents of responsive information as defined by the client. Segregation and redaction of privileged or sensitive information is also a part of our expertise.


After Basic document review, the coded documents are reviewed by experienced reviewers for a higher level of analysis based upon detailed review protocol provided by the client. This includes handling of privileged, confidential and other sensitive information.


The review process is carried out by experienced lawyers, qualified to practice law with a minimum of 3 years’ experience at the Bar. The reviewers work in close collaboration with clients’ counsel or the Project Manager nominated by the client. The entire review process at THS is overseen by a qualified Solicitor to ensure quality control and legal defensibility.

Our reviewers are accustomed with industry leading cloud based software solutions for carrying out the review process. However, the reviewers are most comfortable in working on kCura’s Relativity™ platform for which they have been specifically trained.

Project workflows are designed on the basis of EDRM® framework and placing strong reliance on the Sedona Conference® principles. We understand that each project is unique and we closely work with the client to complete the task in most efficient, cost effective and capable manner.